The team

Motivated and experienced peple with more than three decades
in the construction, manufacturing, freight forwarding and marine industry.

Our goal is to supply professional services, parts & standard or taylor-made equipments to the full satisfaction of our Customers. We can provide a wide range of industrial components in the most efficient and cost effective way.


Industrial plants & marine industry

Emergency and stand-alone generator groups, electrical cabinets and junction boxes, oversize pipes & valves, industrial air conditioning, blowers, diesel engines, steel fabrication, self-contained mechanical & electrical shops for remote locations, water maker & treatment, solid & waste separators, forging, cranes & heavy loaders, trucks, trailers and other transportation devices. A wide range of fire fighting devices and personal protection equipment are also available in our warehouse.

Oil industry

Centrifugal and positive displacement pumps, electrical motors, diesel engines, pipe protection, HP/LP gate & ball valves, high pressure piping, hubs, API singlegrammed flanges, adapters & gaskets, HP/LP flexible hoses, hydraulic connections, air compressors & receivers, HWDP, fishing tools, drilling bits, drill gloor handling tools, gas separators, burner booms, stand pipe manifolds, C&K lines, BOP’s and well controll equipment

Freight forwarding

Co.Gal.Co. has its own “in-house” freight forwarding branch which can provide customised packing/shipping/delivery of day-by-day parts up to special project heavy loads. Online Tracking System and Procurement Integrated Service are available for those companies willing to share our worldwide forwarding network.